Pop-ups must be enabled to take the MTRA Sample Assessment.  Therefore you must disable any pop-up blockers.

To change your settings to allow pop-ups on our site by either/all of the following...

- if using a Google Tool Bar with your browser, click the 'Blocked' button on the tool bar to allow pop-ups for our website.

- if using MS Internet Explorer, check your pop-up blocker settings on the Tools-Internet
Options menu, Privacy tab. You can either uncheck the Block pop-ups option or add our web address in the Settings section.

- if using Mozilla Firefox, go to Tools, Options, Web Features. Uncheck 'Block Popup Window'.

- Anti-virus, Anti-spam, Security programs sometimes have an automatic Pop-up Blocker. Please see the Help section of these programs for instructions on how to enable Pop-Ups or turn off the Pop-Up blocker..